Sunday, May 22, 2011

may 22, 2011

May 22, 2011

            Today we moved in with our host families, who we will be staying with for the two weeks that we are here in Lima. I have had mixed emotions about this ever since we found out months before that we would be living with host families because I had never done anything like this. But I am exited above all else because I think it is going to be a perfect opportunity to be able to utilize my Spanish speaking skills.
            I am living with two other girls on the trip here in the house of La Familia Soto. Our madre has a husband and a ten year old son, who we are yet to meet, but they should be arriving later tonight. Our host mom told us that she hosts a lot of students, and also while we are staying here she is hosting another student in the apartment as us. He is a Japanese man who is here, also studying at El Sol school because he needed to learn Spanish for his job. Syeda, Natalie, and I each have our own room in the apartment. We are living on Avenida Jose Pardo.
            Only have been here for a few hours, things are already going well. So far, being in the host family has not been stressful. Even the initial introduction was not that intimidating and I was happy because I could comprehend everything that our host mom was saying to us and I felt confident answering her. She was so sweet and after just settling in the house, our host mom asked us for all our dirty clothes so she could do laundry. After inappropriately packing for our excursion to Ica, I have been wearing the same dust covered clothes for a few days now, so we were very grateful for her offering to do our laundry.

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