Friday, June 10, 2011

June 10th, 2010

June 10th, 2011

            Class was class, but luckily today is Friday so we have the weekend off from Amauta. Not much to say about class, other than it was our last day with our teachers for this week and next week we will have new teachers. However, I’m still thinking about how impressed I am by what Brielle can pull off. We live together, but I left Mama Africa much earlier than she did, and she chose to stay out with the gang. We hear a lot about being careful and not taking cabs by yourself late at night, but I knew Brielle would be fine because she was with the boys and they’d get her home safe. She’s also one of those people who is miraculously resourceful and calm, and can find a solution to the stickiest situations. So last night at about 4am Brielle finally strolled into our room. I gave her a weak and confused hello and she told me how she was locked out of our apartment and had the security guard try to help her get in. She had called Klevis to ask him if she could stay at his place because she couldn’t get in, but meanwhile the security guard had been causing such a commotion while trying to open the door the our host mom had woken up and come to the door. Turns out our mom had latched some extra lock on the door that we don’t have a key too, thinking we were all home, but we weren’t. No worries though, and Brielle still made it to class. What a trooper.
            After school we went to lunch at a restaurant near the Plaza de Armas, but unfortunately the food didn’t seem to sit well with me. It may have been the restaurant, because Yianni and Klevis also felt sick, but there’s also a chance I could have felt queasy because I have been eating a lot of apples, and perhaps I didn’t clean one well enough. Because I felt sick, I decided to go home to rest, which ultimately meant I would have to miss the Cusco city tour and the trip to Sacasayhuaman, but at this stage in the game with so many people getting sick, I felt it was better to rest than push myself. I keep getting scared that I’ll get sick right before Machu Picchu and miss it, so I wanted to take precautions and stay on the safe side.

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