Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20th, 2011

June 20th

            Today was a bit of a hectic morning for me. We got to the hotel very late last night. Unfortunately, despite how tired I was, I still couldn’t sleep and by 8am I decided I didn’t want to just lay in my bed wishing for sleep any longer. So I got dressed and left to explore Cusco a bit on my own, since I thought we had the hotel all day. to the
            Apparently that wasn’t so. I was in McDonalds in the plaza using the WiFi there, when he told me we had to be checked out of our hotel rooms as 11am. It was 11:30am, and I still had not showered (still since the Wednesday before the trek) and my crap was all over the hotel room, because I thought I had time to kill. So I booked it out of thesre, basically in a panic, because I had the hotel key with me. Coincidentally I ran into Brielle, Klev, and Yianni as they were walking to the plaza. Brielle knew where I was because I had left a note for her in the room when I left, but my phone was dead so she had no way of telling me that Monica had the rooms called at 10am to wake us up and tell us to check out in an hour. So I then continued my run to the hotel. And honestly at this point, I’m really bumming if I don’t get a hot shower. I got to the lady at the front desk, and she acknowledged that I missed the checkout. I explained what had happened to her and she was very understanding and let me pay 15 US dollars to keep the room for an extra hour. And, my shower was cold.
            After I checked out and brought the bags to storage we had more time to kill, so I just spent some time moving from location to location to utilize the wifi in the area. Then the crew went to Indigo, the hookah bar we’ve basically moved into, for some hookah and dinner before we left Cusco for Arequipa. At  7pm we met at the hotel to go to the bus station, so pumped for our 11 hour bus ride tonight. We’re on the bus right now. It’s a double decker bus and we got the top floor. It is definitely interesting. There’s a lot of strange action going on here with various Peruvians shouting and entering and exiting the bus. It’ll be a long night.

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