Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2nd, 2011

June 2nd, 2011
            Today we switched it up a little at El Sol and my class spent our second half of class time having Spanish conversation outside on the El Sol patio. Today the weather was so beautiful, so sunny a bright, rare for a winter day in Lima, Peru, so we convinced our teacher to bring us out there.
            Today was also our last day teaching at the Colegio de FAP. I was working with my original group again, which I was happy about because I got to teach with Brielle. I have been teaching alongside her for few classes and she really exudes a great energy. She is so good with kids and such a natural teacher that the classes respond very well. Today we split our class up into four groups after reviewing shopping dialogue and phrases with them. Then we split the class into four groups and had them put together a skit, which each group would then take a turn acting out in front of the class in English.
            After teaching we had one final lecture and then a closing ceremony that we stayed for. The lecture was by far the most interesting one we have had because it was primarily focused on current events in Peru, rather than another history lecture. There was a bit of lag time between the lecture and the actual closing ceremony, which ended up starting at about 5pm. The coolest part was that a group of boys and girls performed a traditional Peruvian dance for us. They were elaborately dressed in bright blue velvety attire, sequined and shining, and perfectly matching the mood of the music and dancing. They really were wonderful. Following the dance, a few of the kids presented Monica with an Alpaca blanket, and it was the softest thing I have ever touched. Then the students set up a table lined with Peruvian dishes, and the line quickly formed for the food. There was a rice pudding cup with raisins in it that was literally so good. After we ate, there were lots of pictures taken and we said our goodbyes before we all headed back to our houses. I ended up going to Larco Mar with some people and having dinner at Café Café again. I like this restaurant because not only is the view of the Pacific Ocean from the patio tables stunning, but they also have many delicious vegetarian food options! Later that night our group ended up near Parque Kennedy again, and went found a dance club called Son de Cuba on Calle de Pizzas and spent the night together there.

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