Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 26th, 2011

June 26th

            Well I woke up this morning to a six am call to my hotel room from Klevis asking me if I knew where Yianni and Brielle were. I looked over and Brielle was definitely not in her bed. I was a bit scared, but about an hour later, we heard the voices of our friends returning to their rooms. I was a bit confused, but accepted it, because after all, Peru has been a wild ride. I think they were just finishing it with a bang. Turns out, they had been at the Incateam discoteca the entire night and were just getting back to the hotel when the sun was rising. We were leaving at 8:30am to go to the airport and catch our plane to Lima, but I was certain, knowing Brielle, that she’d be able to pack the rest of her stuff in ten minutes flat and still be early for that bus.
            The group was split into two flights for our return to Lima, but both arrived at our destination at about the same time. We hopped on the bus and returned to the very place where our journey stared, the International Youth Hostel, for one more night of making memories.  I was feeling pretty sick so I basically slept all day until about 7pm when we began congregating on the back patio of the hostel for some last night laughs, stories, and music. Of course the boys jumped in the pool at 1:30am too.  I went up shortly after to catch an hour of sleep and then was up at 2:30am to bring my suitcases down and get ready to leave Lima and head back to the states. When 3am rolled around and we were boarding the bus, it got sad. This was the last leg of our journey. Not only that, but Scott wouldn’t be coming to the airport with us because he was taking a bus to Northern Peru and then to Ecuador to visit a friend, so this was our real goodbye to him until next semester when we’ll have our Peru Crew reunions.

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  1. Epic journey. So happy it was so awesome. And so happy to have you home.