Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 7th, 2011

June 7th, 2011

            School. I’m so excited because I discovered the coffee at Amouta. Yesterday I loaded up on the coca leaf tea for the second day, but I was in need of some coffee. I thought once we left El Sol we wouldn’t have the luxury of constant free coffee, but I am so glad I was wrong. Alyson had coffee yesterday, but it took me another day to figure out the small pot of dark liquid is the coffee mix, and then you have to add hot water to it. Not the best coffee, but I’ll take what I can get.
            After class we headed home for lunch. Not so keen on the food our mother gives us here. It’s pretty horrible. Lunch today was an extremely bizarre mixture of what seemed to be old left-over French fries cut up and mixed with cut up bits of green beans. I miss my Lima host mom’s cooking so much. Me and Brielle have decided we will be eating at our host family as little as possible, which is kind of a bummer because we’ll have to pay, but there’re no way we can subsist on this.
            After lunch, if you can call it that, Yianni and Scott came over to our house to do some blogging since we have internet access in our house. We left the house and went to the Inka Café, which was an awesome little spot. I ordered a plate of vegetables, and when they brought it out, I swear the steamed broccoli and cauliflower was speaking to me. It was heaven. I even took a picture of it. Literally when I get home, the first thing I’m doing is eating the biggest bowl of steamed broccoli ever. So mom, I know you’re reading this, and it would be wonderful thing to come home to, but you already know that.
            Next we went back to Amouta at about 6:45pm to attend a lecture on the Quechua language, the indigenous language of the Andean people, which was quite interesting. After the lecture we went to another hookah bar called Indigo. It’s a cool spot with a very relaxing and ambient atmosphere, so it is a nice place to hang out with friends. We also got dinner there. Yianni ordered alpaca teriyaki, since alpaca is a very common food here, and apparently it was delicious. Next on his list is to try guinea pig.

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  1. guinea pig = cuy. ate it in ecuador. tastes like --- ba da bing - chicken. dane, this blog rocks, and yes, you shall have steamed broc the minute you get home.